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Our Products...

Chirantan has an arsenal of products that help protect and preserve the environment. These products are uniquely designed and manufactured keeping in mind the customer requirements. They are easy to operate, cost efficient, safe, and pollution free. This in fact, is one of the reasons why our customers keep coming back to us. It is the strong support of our customers that Chirantan has made this soaring success since its time of establishment. Please take a minute to go through our list of products.

Mobile Cremator Mobile Cremators

Considering the difficulties of small towns and villages to erect a full fledged Mechanical Crematorium, we have introduced the Mobile Cremator. The mobile cermator can be stationed at a convinient place nearby small towns and villages in the peripherry of few kilometers. When needed, the vehicle containing the mobile cremator can be towed to the place where cremation is to be carried out. The mobile cremator vehicle will be fully equiped to carry out the cremation.

LPG / Diesel Cremator Gas / CNG / LPG / Diesel Cremators

The LPG fired cremator is a self contained package unit employing the proven design for clean and hygienic cremation process. It meets the most stringent international pollution, environmental, health, and air emission regulations. The operations are simplified so that no special operational skills are needed. The unit has safety cut off system in case the cremator temperature exceeds the preset. The gas supply valve closes immediately in case of power supply failure. The rectangular shaped combustion chamber has two gas burners. The end product of combustion moves from combustion chamber to the water scrubber form removal of dust particles thereby clean flue gases that pass through the chimney and release in the atmosphere.

Mortuary Cabinets Mortuary Cabinets

Tailor made mortuary cabinets for 1 to 3 cadavers at a time is our specialty. Temperature of -20 C to 20 C is maintained to keep the cadavers in disposable conditions.

For the unit of 3 cadavers with three isolated compartments, approximate dimensions will be 3100 length x 1575 height x 790 width. The Compressor and condensing units will be kept on top and back side. There will be 3 trays made out of S.S. Each tray is supported and moves on 6 numbers of Rollers. S.S. sleeve is fitted over M.S. Rollers. There will be separate door for each compartment for the ease in operation and to prevent the temperature loss.
Waste Disposal Incinerators

Chirantan's product line would be incomplete without its incinerators. We have specially designed incinerators for Hospitals, and Hotels waste. Also they are employed for incinerating dead animal corpses.
Chimney Chimney

Tailor made industrial chimney is fabricated, transported and erected at site along with the necessary RCC foundation with RCC certificate for stability. Till now Different types and capacity chimney is erected at Nagpur, Mulund (Mumbai), Pune, Aurangabad, Khopoli, Mira Bhayander.
Generator Set Generator Sets

The consumption of electricity has grown enormously during last few years in suburban and rural areas. Unfortunately, the generation of electric power in India is still not fulfilling these needs. As a result, the suburban and rural areas are facing tremendous electricity load shedding crisis. The solution is electricity generator. We at Chirantan, supply generator sets for residential complexes, Hospitals, Laboratories, Industrial Units and so on where electric supply restoration without time delay is a critical issue.
Smoke Abatement System Wood Pyre Pollution Control System

Smoke Abatement System or SAS is smoke and hazardous gases removal system that collects smoke and hazardous gases from traditional Hindu cremation, process them to remove any toxicity, and release them in the atmosphere mostly as water vapors.